Local Transportation

Due to a strong environmental commitment, there is no car hire available for visitors to Bermuda and only one car is permitted per household. However, getting around is easy due to an excellent transportation system.

  • BUS

    An efficient network of bus routes covering the majority of the Island care of distinctive pink and blue buses offering a frequent, reliable and inexpensive “request stop” service. Average journey time is 15 minutes.

    Travelling a variety of routes, these relaxed sea routes provide a unique way of avoiding the traffic while enjoying unrivalled scenery. And unlike the buses, some ferries can take wheelchairs along with cycles or mopeds.

    Perfect for the truly independent traveller or those with a sense of adventure. A driver’s licence is not required, but children under 16 years may not drive motor-scooters. All scooter drivers and passengers are required, by law, to wear safety helmets securely fastened at all times and are limited to 50cc for tourists, making them powerful enough to go up Bermuda’s many hills.
  • BOAT

    A variety of licensed boats take visitors into the Great Sound, Little Sound, Castle Harbour and other routes, with most operators based in or near the city of Hamilton. A popular alternative to organised party boats are Boston Whalers – a fun, relaxing and inexpensive way to explore the area as you wish, for groups of up to four people.

    Bikes are available for hire by the day or week, with safety helmets provided as standard.
  • TAXI

    Taxis can be hired by the hour, day (classed as six consecutive daylight hours) or mile. Rates are per cab up to a maximum of six passengers for normal transportation and general sightseeing, with certified “Blue Flag” taxi tour guides available on request for touring at a fixed rate of $30/hour. All taxis are metered and tariff-fixed by law.

    For a romantic tour or simply one with a difference, these remnants of an old Bermuda tradition operate from 9.15am until 11.30pm, with night time rides proving most popular. Styles vary from one-horse carriages, carrying up to four people to two-horse versions, carrying up to eight. Costs start at $30 per four people for a half hour ride, departing the carriage stand on Front Street.
Freephone: 0800 0336 335

About Bermuda

Bermuda first appeared on a map as early as 1511, when it was discovered by Spanish mariner Juan de Bermudez, but the treacherous ring of coral reefs surrounding the Island ripped into the hulls of many unfortunate ships. Because of the disastrous fate of so many vessels, frightening stories of maritime travel kept seafarers away from Bermuda’s shores....

Bermuda History