Sailing & Watersports

From waterskiing to kayaking, windsurfing and parasailing to exploring the many coves, islands and beaches on a self skipper adventure or the comforts of a glass bottomed boat, no trip to Bermuda would be complete without a sail on the ocean blue.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Bermuda boasts warm Island waters and a stable climate throughout the year which also lends itself well to year-round water-based activities.

Nevertheless, while most people associate wreck diving with deep water, it is interesting to note that diving here is generally shallow (45-50 feet), though there are several dives to over 100 foot for those with a deep passion.

All aboard:

  • Highlights of the boating calendar include the annual King Edward VI Gold Cup (hosted by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club every October, attracting 32 teams of top professionals as well as up and comers from all over the world), the Newport to Bermuda Ocean Yacht Race (June of even years), the Blue Water Cruising Race (from Marion, Massachusetts in June of odd years), the Bermuda Cruising Rally (every June) and Arc Europe (annually in May). Meanwhile, the Bermuda Fitted Dinghies begin racing in late May until mid-September and the Power Boat Racing system runs from May until mid-November.
  • One of the best ways to see Bermuda and her islands is from the sea, which is why hiring a Boston Whaler (up to 4 people) proves so popular with visitors.
  • One of the world’s finest fishing centres, especially for light-tackle fishing, best fishing is from May to November, when trophies are offered in competitions such as the Big Game Classic while deep-sea aficionados and shore fishermen are also well catered for.

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About Bermuda

Bermuda first appeared on a map as early as 1511, when it was discovered by Spanish mariner Juan de Bermudez, but the treacherous ring of coral reefs surrounding the Island ripped into the hulls of many unfortunate ships. Because of the disastrous fate of so many vessels, frightening stories of maritime travel kept seafarers away from Bermuda’s shores....

Bermuda History