General Information

Time Difference:

4 hours GMT


Contrary to popular belief, Bermuda is NOT in the Caribbean and is in fact 940 miles from Nassau, Bahamas.
774 miles from New York City, 650 miles east of North Carolina and 1,128 miles from Miami.
3,000 miles from London.


21 miles long and one mile wide.
Seen from the air, Bermuda resembles a fishhook.
Bermuda consists of 181 named islands and islets.


Hamilton, capital of Bermuda since 1815.
The first capital was the town of St. George, which has been named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


Approximately 62,000.




The Bermuda Dollar (BD$).
Divided into 100 cents and is pegged, through gold, to the US dollar, which is also accepted by all shops, restaurants and hotels. Other currencies can be exchanged at local banks.
Mastercard, AMEX and VISA, as well as travellers cheques, are widely accepted throughout.
ATMs are also located Island-wide.

Health & Safety:

Visitors require no mandatory vaccinations to visit Bermuda as it has justifiably earned a reputation as one of the safest holiday destinations.
NB: However, as with all holidays, travellers are advised to consult their GP before departure.


Visitors from the UK and Western Europe must present a valid passport of their country, valid for at least six months, upon arrival. All visitors are also required to present a return ticket or another document of onward transportation.


NO visa is required by UK citizens and visitors are automatically entitled to stay up to 21 nights.


15% is the generally accepted amount for most services where gratuities have not already been included in the bill (although they are usually included).

Dress codes:

With an atmosphere of dignified informality, the rule of thumb is to dress conservatively. Bathing suits, midriff displaying tops, and short shorts are not acceptable except at beaches and pools. In public (including public areas of hotels) beach wear must be covered while bare feet are not acceptable anywhere in public and it is an offence to ride cycles or appear in public without a shirt or just wearing a bathing suit top. Joggers may wear standard running shorts and shirts.


Bermuda is the oldest British Colony and has the second oldest Parliamentary Democracy (after England) in the world. Bermuda’s legal and legislative bodies are fashioned after Great Britain’s.


110 volts; 60 cycles AC. Adapters necessary for United Kingdom and European appliances.

Shop Hours:

Generally 9am to 5pm from Monday – Saturday and closed on Sundays and official holidays, though some store hours can vary.


From simple and inexpensive to elegant and speciality dining, Bermuda has more than 150 restaurants to suit any visitor’s budget. Although restaurant times may vary, most open at 11am weekdays and at noon on Saturdays.
NB: Though dress-codes are being increasingly relaxed, many restaurants and nightclubs in and out of hotels require gentlemen to wear a jacket and tie in the evenings. It is best to check on dress requirements when making dinner / nightclub reservations.


The legal drinking age for alcohol consumption is 18 years.

Freephone: 0800 0336 335

About Bermuda

Bermuda first appeared on a map as early as 1511, when it was discovered by Spanish mariner Juan de Bermudez, but the treacherous ring of coral reefs surrounding the Island ripped into the hulls of many unfortunate ships. Because of the disastrous fate of so many vessels, frightening stories of maritime travel kept seafarers away from Bermuda’s shores....

Bermuda History