Diving & Snorkelling

In Bermuda, you’re never more than a deep breath away from the chance to be mesmerised by Mother Nature’s underwater masterpiece. The vast, unspoiled 200 square mile coral reef plateau – the northernmost coral reefs in the world - is home to more than 650 species of marine life, many of which are unique to the subtropical paradise. Furthermore, with the pristine water clarity and summer water temperatures averaging 28°C ensures that all you need is a mask, fins and snorkel to gracefully observe the magic in motion!

However, with its waters offering the greatest number of divable shipwrecks mile for mile in the western hemisphere, it is no wonder that Bermuda has won accolades as the world’s greatest undersea treasure of nautical history. Indeed, the 18 designated shipwreck sites span five centuries, from 16th century Spanish treasure galleons and four-masked schooners to Civil War paddlewheel blockade runners and trans-atlantic luxury liners, with shipwrecks almost piled on top of each other in certain sites allowing divers the rare opportunity of multiple wrecks in the same dive.

Nevertheless, while most people associate wreck diving with deep water, it is interesting to note that diving here is generally shallow (45-50 feet), though there are several dives to over 100 foot for those with a deep passion.

Aquatic adventures:

  • With most hotels offering guests complimentary snorkelling equipment hire and so many beaches and coves to chose from, you too can have the chance to gaze in awe at the kaleidoscope of colours beneath, from rainbow parrotfish, blue, queen and Townsend angelfish and spotted puffer to the gigantic purple sea fans, brain coral and sea anemones.
  • For an unusual alternative to a Scuba course or snorkelling, Bermuda offers anyone aged over 5 years – even non-swimmers - the chance to take an underwater tour with a difference! Helmet Diving allows air to be fed by hoses down from the surface to the diver’s shoulders, upon which the helmet is placed, allowing you to embark on a half hour guided “walk” 10-12 feet below.
  • If diving in April, be sure to keep a look out for one of the 10,000 humpback whales which embark on their migration at this time.
  • Experienced divers will be interested to hear that Nitrox is also offered in Bermuda by our PADI diver operators, ensuring certified divers can enjoy one of the world’s top dive destinations for even longer periods at a time.

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About Bermuda

Bermuda first appeared on a map as early as 1511, when it was discovered by Spanish mariner Juan de Bermudez, but the treacherous ring of coral reefs surrounding the Island ripped into the hulls of many unfortunate ships. Because of the disastrous fate of so many vessels, frightening stories of maritime travel kept seafarers away from Bermuda’s shores....

Bermuda History